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Available courses

Easy Fun Art is a series of art classes designed specifically for K-12. Students will study the seven elements of art and complete a hands-on art project each. 
This is a guide to help teachers set up an online course using Moodle. It's designed for first time LMS users or teachers who have never used Moodle. 

Difficulty level: Beginner
Required time per lesson: 20mins (average)
Number of lessons: 6
Estimated time for course completion: 2hrs

In this course, you'll learn how to manage multiple courses more efficiently and save you time and headaches from repetitive tasks.

Increase the learning dynamics of your class by using apps that increase student to student interactions. Explore a wide range of applications that work well different situations.

This is another great videoconferencing application that very similar to Zoom.

What are the main ways of communicating online? This course will explore the main features of one of the most popular communications software,  Zoom.

Make quiz taking more exciting with Kahoot! Designed to increase student participation while earing points for quick thinking and knowledge.
Classdojo is a great way to manage classroom behaviour and motivate students. Recommended for K-6 teachers.
Do you prefer Google? There's no denying that Google has created a great way for teachers to manage and create lessons online along with integrating seamlessly with Google's huge array of tools and apps.

Microsoft apps have been a staple since the early days of early computers. Learn how all these things can be used to increase classroom productivity.

Learn about what makes online storage giant, Google Drive, so useful for teaching and how you can become a more proficient user.

This survey seeks to uncover just how well teachers know how to use technology for online education. Although most teachers are trained to teach in a physical classroom, how well does it translate into virtual classrooms?

This course is designed to aid Teachers in the design of a remote workspace.

Join in on the online discussion forum! Share your teaching ideas, work environment, or take a look at what other people are talking about. Note: This is not a course and anyone can join in on the discussion as long as you have a user login. Sorry guests are not allowed to comment.