This survey is meant for the budget-friendly teacher who teaches or has an interest in teaching remotely using a virtual learning environment. The survey questions are based on Mishra and Koeler's TPACK framework (2009) which considers the interrelations between technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge. The key difference, however, is that this survey will focus more on the practical applications of the framework or a more ready-to-use resource for teachers.

The first set of questions assess the teacher's confidence in using modern technologies such as desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. The second set of questions focus on how well teachers can apply their knowledge of teaching using the technology.  The third and final set of questions seek to determine the effectiveness of teaching with specific applications and tools.

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This survey seeks to uncover just how well teachers know how to use technology for online education. Although most teachers are trained to teach in a physical classroom, how well does it translate into virtual classrooms?