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How does the ideal remote workspace look like?

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Just because you're teaching online doesn't rule out the importance of having a good physical space to work. It should be clean, organized, functional, comfortable, and professional-looking. However, the order of importance of these factors might be different for everyone. It really depends on what you're teaching, who you're teaching to, the size and budget of your space, personal preferences, and so on. The goal here is to determine some ways that you can improve your current home workspace or what are some things that maybe you're doing wrong?

1. Watch this video guide on some advice about setting up a home office: media icon


2. Questions to think about: question icon

a. What were some of the recommended tips presented in this video? 

b. Which tips do you think might work and not work in an online teaching setting? Why?

c. How realistic do you think it is to have an office space like this in your own home?

d. What are some of the changes or additions that might be necessary to improve the space for online teaching?

3. Challenge Activity activity icon

Describe your ideal workspace. You can do a Google search, write it down, draw it, or even take photos or look for pictures online. Whatever works for you. Once you got something concrete, reply to this topic by typing or uploading your ideas using the tools above and submit it for your own reference. Remember to describe relate your ideas to a remote teaching workspace.

4. Web Resources resource icon

Stuck on ideas? Here are some great websites that you can check out to help get you started:

Pinterest - just search the keywords such as remote learning space, home office, etc.

Flickr Creative Commons - just search the keywords such as remote learning space, home office, etc.

NYTimes - read a news article about a great home office set up

Trello - another good article on home offices